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CBD is not often something we have come to associate with smoking. For the most part, people are consuming CBD orally. However, there is a subculture of people who still enjoy the act of smoking and prefer to consume CBD in a more conventional way.


To some, this sounds counterintuitive. But in reality, smokeable hemp requires virtually no processing and removes the risk of industrial contaminants. Moreover, some customers are using smokeable CBD as a way to wean themselves off THC cannabis.


We grow top quality hemp

One thing that separates Genius Labs from other companies is the fact that we curate the process from seed to sale. We plant all of our own hemp on our Californian farms and are dedicated to a sustainable, organic method of cultivation. We manufacture all of our CBD products from the hemp that we grow. Hemp is never imported from Europe or other parts of the world for the manufacture of Genius Labs products – including our CBD cigarettes.


Essentially, the product does not leave our hands until it is sold to consumers or business customers. There is no chance of contamination along the supply chain as the team at Genius Labs is forever observing the process of cultivation, extraction, processing, packaging, and sale.


CBD cigarettes represent a gap in the market


As most people are aware, the majority of CBD products available for sale are for oral consumption or use with vaporizers. It is unlikely to encounter hemp that is cultivated specifically for smoking or for manufacturing CBD prerolls or cigarettes.


In an industry as rapidly expanding as cannabis, it is increasingly important to include all demographics. The world of CBD is primarily concerned with health products, as are we at Genius Labs. However, we refuse to neglect the demographic that prefers to inhale CBD rather than consume it orally. Fundamentally, we still recognize that smoking CBD can deliver a myriad of health benefits.


Inhalation is the fastest delivery method

It is not often that a company advertises CBD flowers specifically for smoking. For some reason, this seems incongruent with the health and wellbeing industry. With that being said, inhalation is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD. Oral ingestion requires CBD to bypass the digestive system. This doesn’t only take time, it actually means that some CBD is lost to the digestive process, therefore making it less bioavailable to the user.


Smoking, on the other hand, allows CBD to enter directly through the lungs, bypassing metabolic processes such as digestion. For those who use CBD to achieve instantaneous results, smoking or vaporizing is actually the ideal method.


CBD cigarettes as a novel “quit smoking” aid


One of the most common reasons for people to smoke CBD flowers is, in fact, for the cessation of marijuana or tobacco smoking. Currently, CBD is being scrutinized for its ability to assist a person out of addiction. There is preclinical data supporting the hypothesis that short term CBD use can prevent relapses for months after cessation.


More and more people who have found themselves addicted to psychoactive marijuana or tobacco are seeking the therapeutic benefits of smoking CBD. While it addresses the desire to smoke something, it allows the user to begin a period of abstinence. The volume of THC in hemp is negligible, and therefore does not produce the same psychoactive effects as marijuana. Fundamentally, smoking CBD does not get the user high but can assist in the process of cessation and relapse. This is one of the many benefits of CBD products.


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