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Broad Spectrum Distillate

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil no THC

Because Broad Spectrum Distillate contains multiple cannabinoids, it can deliver the enhanced benefits of the “entourage effect,” without the presence of THC and its psychoactive effects.

This distillate oil can be beneficial for the development of products for individuals with conditions that CBD isolate alone could not alleviate, users with sensitivity to THC or individuals living in states that have strict THC-laws.

Our Broad Spectrum Distillate contains the full phytocannabinoid profile minus the THC. Genius Labs THC-free distillate offers 80-90% potency, as well as all the desired cannabinoids and terpenes without any psychoactive or controlled substances.

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What’s in it?

Broad Spectrum Distillate Content

85%+ CBD

0% THC

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