Genius Labs

White Label CBD Products Supplier

Successful entrepreneurship means dedicating your time and energy to the growth of your business. It does not always allow time for the manufacturing of products. This is where Genius Labs can assist with growing CBD and cannabis businesses as a white label CBD product supplier.

No business should compromise on the quality of their product to satisfy time or budget constraints. It is fundamental for a growing business to provide a premium service and a top-quality product. At Genius Labs, we are dedicated to manufacturing a top quality CBD product that can be rebranded for other businesses.

We sustainably grow our own hemp

What separates us from the rest of the hemp and CBD industry? We sustainably grow our own hemp and manufacture our own products on site. Our Californian farms are optimized for growing top quality hemp with maximum CBD yields.

There is much to be said about what goes into the cultivation process and its effects on the final product. As curators of the entire process from seed to sale, we understand the necessity of sustainable growing techniques. We also understand the need for an organic market and plants that are free from industrial contaminants, pesticides, and insecticides.

If shortcuts are taken in the cultivation process, the final product is inevitably compromised. For this reason, we monitor the process from the beginning to the end. If instead, hemp is imported from European or other sources, we have no way of maintaining the integrity of our product. This is something we are extremely proud of at Genius Labs.

We take care of all the processing

Another fundamental aspect of the Genius Labs project is the processing of hemp into CBD products. Our plants are never sent elsewhere for processing. We take care of all of it.

Using clean CO2 extraction methods, we ensure a pure CBD extraction. This extraction is then used in the manufacture of products such as CBD oil. Using a solventless extraction method, we are able to produce a product that has virtually no remnants of a solvent. In this way, we can ensure an uncontaminated, completely natural final product.

Our CO2 extraction method also ensures a full spectrum product. It means that in the process of extraction, none of the healing properties of hemp are compromised. The terpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids are kept intact, allowing each customer to experience the healing power of the entourage effect.

For a business aiming to sell and distribute CBD products, clean and natural products are invaluable. As a white label buyer, you will be able to ensure your customers that they are purchasing American owned, American made CBD products.

Our range of products

We offer all kinds of CBD products for white label sale. As a growing business, it is advised that you stock a range of products. This gives a business a better chance at targetting the correct audience as well as building the trust of the clientele of the industry. Your business could be selling any number of the following products:

This list is not even exhaustive! To know the full list of products that you can obtain from our white label supply, contact us using the wholesale form.

Focus on what’s important

Every business needs to focus on what’s important. Taking on the responsibility of establishing a hemp farm, cultivating and manufacturing is a lot of work for a growing business. We can mitigate those initial problems for you by being your white label supplier. This gives you more time to focus on other logistical aspects of starting a new business.

For more information about purchasing white label products, fill out our wholesale form. We’ll get back to you with any more information you may require and the next step in buying white label products from Genius Labs.