CBD from organically grown hemp

to ensure your business reaps the rewards

We guarantee the best CBD for your business needs because we oversee its growth, extraction, and packaging in house.

With our CBD, you know exactly where it came from, precisely who handled it, and don’t have to worry about second guessing how it’s processed.

We guarantee top-quality CBD products, and can show you–from farm to table–exactly how we do it. There’s no doubt in our products, so your customers have no need to doubt you.

To be approved as a wholesale customer, and to receive bulk pricing, please provide us with the required information by filling out our wholesale contact form

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Give your customers the best CBD available

We grow our hemp in the United States, and provide you only with the best quality

You want high-quality CBD products for your business, we grow it and deliver it.

CBD Supply

Your customers want a product they can trust, our wholesale CBD fulfills that need.

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Buying CBD in bulk poses questions about its source, we answer them all with clarity.

Zero THC Hemp Oil

Bulk CBD Sourcing

from a trusted company is the only way to proceed

If you’re a business wanting to source high quality hemp CBD, and want to reach to your customers with great products that really work, we think you’ve reached the right place! We sell our superior products at a better price because we want your business to succeed. We’re the wholesaler you can count on to provide the best CBD. Our reliable services deliver the CBD your customers will love because we put our love into manufacturing it. If you’re keen to learn more about our wholesale CBD, contact us today!

The CBD Supply Chain

Today, there are more CBD options on the market than ever before. Yet, all of these CBD products are not created equal. Here’s a look at the CBD supply chain, from growing and extraction to quality control.

CBD Patches Wholesale

Skin patches provide all the relief of cannabinoids without the stigma of smoking cannabis. By slowly releasing the compounds where and when they are needed, CBD patches also let people localize their needs.

High-Quality Cannabis Terpenes

With a diverse blend of organic grown hemp, your customers will enjoy a full range of scents, tastes, and benefits in the products you deliver. When your customers want the best hemp derived terpenes, it’s important to source them from the best quality.