We are a California-based company, we extract our cannabidiol (CBD) from our own natural hemp.
Quality from the ground up.

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We guarantee the best CBD for your business needs because we oversee its growth, extraction, and bulk packaging in house.

With our CBD, you know exactly where it came from, precisely who handled it, and don’t have to worry about second guessing how it’s processed.
There’s no doubt in our products, so your customers have no need to doubt you.
We guarantee the best quality of organic hemp derived bulk cannabidiol isolate and distillate supply and we have great nano-tech solutions for water solubility.

Fill out our Wholesale Form to get in touch with one of our sales associates, and to receive bulk pricing.

  • Organically sun-grown hemp from California.
  • 100% made in the USA.
  • Pure CBD isolate and distillate.

100% Organic Hemp CBD Made in California

We have curated the best articles about cannabis, hemp and the benefits of cannabidiol

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different names for cannabis. Where did they all come from and why are there so many?

Most medical marijuana patients will use a form of whole cannabis, meaning it contains both THC and CBD. However, because of the psychoactive nature of THC, certain medical marijuana patients will opt for a CBD-only medicine.

Generally preferred by the younger cannabis community, taking a dab is committing to an extremely powerful hit of cannabinoids. For the most part, these extracts are purified forms of THC, although some CBD extracts are sometimes dabbed.

Cannabis is still a controversial therapy for anything, let alone in autistic children. On top of all of this, even autism diagnosis sparks controversy between parents of autistic children, doctors and the media.

Cannabis users began to understand this term and the implications it has on the remedial effects of cannabis. Eucalyptol is one such terpene, often found in cannabis plants.

Gone are the days when you had to move your way through a bag of marijuana to find some seeds for planting. In the last two decades, we have seen some of the most incredible improvements in cannabis genetics.

Many cannabis users are familiar with walking into a dispensary and being presented with a multitude of options: a myriad of strains, sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD. But how did we arrive at such a huge variety of cannabis strains?

How does CBD impact the sleep/wake cycle? Learn how CBD can help you with sleeping problems and disorders.

We use nano technology to convert our own CBD isolate into a water-soluble product that easily dissolves in our water. The result is a CBD-infused water with high bioavailability, with 30mg per bottle

According to the reports, 77% of chefs predict cannabis/CBD-infused drinks will be the No. 1 trend in 2019. More and more cold CBD beverages are emerging on the market every day.

CBD has a number of purported health benefits and these drinks are believed to promote wellness by reducing inflammation and anxiety. Here are a few ways bars and coffeeshops can integrate CBD into their offerings.

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“There is a compound called Cannabidiol which is just as important as THC. It does not cause the high but it has a lot of therapeutic effects, and it is of extreme importance.”

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Discoverer of THC

“Modulating endocannabinoid system activity may have therapeutic potential in almost all diseases affecting humans.”

Kunos and Pacher of NIH

“When Cannabidiol becomes a drug the picture may change.”

Raphael Mechoulam