Feasting on CBD During a Family Feast – How to incorporate CBD into your Thanksgiving meal?

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. The banquet of delicious food, the exciting football rivalries on TV, and the wacky family traditions make it a once-a-year treat like no other. However, for some people, there are parts of Thanksgiving that they are not thankful for. Perhaps your parents’ backs hurt from cooking and baking all morning, or your cousin’s arthritis is flaring up from using up so much overtime at work, whatever it is, people are still human on days of celebration. We have our pains, flaws, and setbacks.

Thankfully, since CBD is now legal in the United States, many people have could find relief to better enjoy their times of celebration.

Let’s examine a few ways that people will use CBD to improve their Thanksgiving celebration this year.

In a recent study published earlier this year in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, researchers questioned 2,409 people about their use of CBD.

According to the respondents, 62% of them use CBD to treat a medical condition. The majority of those doing so reported that they use CBD to treat pain, anxiety, and depression.

Treating Thanksgiving Pains with CBD

Pain comes from so many things. It can be from working hard out in the sun all day. Pain can arise out of emotional depletion from a job with high stress. And pain arises naturally out of living in a body that is old and tired.

CBD helps with all types of pain. By targeting your endogenous cannabinoid receptors, CBD rapidly delivers pain relief wherever it is needed. For the respondents to the aforementioned survey, a majority of them said that CBD either treats their medical conditions either “very well by itself” or “moderately well by itself.” In comparison, only slightly over 4% that CBD treated their condition “not very well.”

With so many agreeing that CBD treats their pain well, it’s certainly beneficial for a holiday crowded with raucous family festivities.

To get the party started, add a teaspoon of CBD oil to your guacamole dip. It’s always the first thing to go, so make sure everyone is medicated from the first with a CBD-infused guacamole.

In the same study we’ve been discussing, some people experienced negative side effects. The most common was dry mouth. Thankfully, that’s a side effect easily soothed with a glass of water.

Soothing Anxiety with Thanksgiving CBD

A glass of water isn’t going to help ease over anyone’s anxiety. That’s why it’s important to make sure that CBD makes its way into your holiday feast. Anxious people’s anxiety runs high during social events, CBD can help cool them off.

According to a 2016 article published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, anxiety is a result of fear, and fear is treated by CBD in multiple ways. The researchers declared that CBD regulates learned fear by “dampening its expression, disrupting its reconsolidation, and facilitating its extinction.

If everyone at the Thanksgiving feast could be free from their anxiety, the already enjoyable meal would be that much more rewarding. No one would have to fake it.

To get a healthy serving of CBD into your Thanksgiving meal, trying adding a teaspoon of CBD oil to your salad dressing. That way, the first thing your family consumes for the meal will be the healthiest serving of CBD possible. Of course, that won’t stop everyone from eating a pound of meat and two pounds of starch, but that’s their decision.

Sadly, in every family, there are people who–despite the enjoyable holiday–have an underlying feeling of depression.

CBD combats depression in an interesting way.

Combatting Depression with CBD

For those who find even the most exciting football games rather bland, there may be no recovery out of depression. Thankfully CBD has medicinal properties that help.

According to study published in 2016 in the journal Neuropharmacology, CBD not only combats depression, it does so well effectively. “CBD exerts fast and maintained antidepressant like effects,” according to the researchers.

To ensure that even the most depressed in your family has a good time this Thanksgiving, consider adding some CBD isolate powder to your after-meal parfaits. The delicious treat treated with CBD should be just what any depressed person needs to fully enjoy their limited time with family.

Are you having CBD for Thanksgiving?

Hopefully this article has inspired you to create your own holiday recipes and CBD traditions. Make it a holiday that everyone looks forward to all year round.

How you are incorporating CBD into your Thanksgiving meal? Let us know in the comments below!