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CBD-Rich Raw Materials Supply

The cannabis industry has come a long way since first legalizing medical marijuana. Whereas once upon a time, only raw flowers were available, technology has allowed us to extract the most sought after parts of the hemp plant. Using CO2 extraction techniques, we are essentially able to produce near-pure CBD as a raw material.


The uses for CBD-rich raw materials are endless. Businesses can use raw materials to manufacture CBD rich products without the need to endure the extraction process themselves. Even customers can enjoy raw CBD products, using them to home-make their own edibles, tinctures or vape juices. These materials are so pure, they can even be ingested as they are.


How are raw CBD materials made?

There are many different ways to extract CBD from plant material. Some of these extraction techniques involve solvents. The danger with solvents is that there is a small possibility that the solvent can end up in the final product – and sometimes these solvents are toxic and dangerous.


We use carbon dioxide to extract CBD. By pumping frozen, pressurized carbon dioxide through the raw hemp plant material, we are able to extract an almost pure form of CBD. There are no solvents or other contaminants in the final product. What is extracted is a white, mineral-like substance that can then be used for the manufacture of a myriad of CBD products.


CBD-rich raw materials are versatile

Control is the operative word. If Americans have demonstrated anything, it’s that they want control over the products they consume. Manufactured products simply cannot provide this all of the time. For that reason, consumes purchase raw products and home-make their own useable CBD products.


Edibles are the premium example. The market is flooded with a variety of different edibles. However, at the root of it, consumers have no control over the ingredients in the edible or the concentration of CBD itself. CBD isolate or distillate can give consumers the control they are looking for, allowing them to home make their own edibles with their own preferred dose of CBD. This is because CBD isolate is almost pure CBD. If 10mg of CBD isolate or distillate is added to an edible, there is certainty of a 10mg dose.


Even businesses can benefit from the versatility of raw CBD materials. There is the opportunity to manufacture products made with CBD derived from sustainably grown American hemp. We acknowledge that growing and extracting is not everybody’s strong point. Genius Labs is able to provide the raw materials so that businesses can focus on what they do best.


Don’t compromise on quality


At Genius Labs, we plant and grow all of our own hemp. We see the process from the beginning to the end and this is something that is deeply rewarding for us. We understand the work that goes into creating a fine CBD product and we take no shortcuts in the process.


It is efficient for us to create CBD-rich raw materials because our plants yield great amounts of CBD. The quality assurance lies in the fact that all our hemp is grown in California and all of our processing takes place in California.


An opportunity for businesses and consumers

There is an increasing number of CBD customers out there who prefer to use raw materials. It is the epitome of control over dosage and method of consumption. This is a groundbreaking revolution in the way that consumers use CBD and other cannabis products.


However, raw materials present a viable opportunity for businesses, too. There is an opportunity to streamline the manufacturing process by using raw materials extracted by Genius Labs. This takes off the heaviest part of the load: cultivation and processing.


If you would like to stock CBD-rich raw materials for your customers, contact us via our wholesale form. We can supply the best quality raw materials and provide you with all the information you need to successfully pass those on to your customers.