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With the 2018 midterm elections over, cannabis took a major leap in states like Michigan and Missouri, among others.

However, not every cannabis consumer is looking for the psychoactive effects that the plant traditionally delivers.

That’s why many users are more interested solely in CBD. While CBD can be sourced from cannabis plants that are rich in THC, it is not easy to separate all the cannabinoids during the extraction process.

As a result, some CBD oils often contain trace amounts of THC. While these amounts aren’t significant enough to get one ‘stoned,’ over time, the THC content can build up in their system. So, consumers are looking for ways to get a healthy dose of CBD without the accumulation of THC in their systems.

That’s why people are interested in hemp-derived, pure CBD. Hemp is remarkably low in THC, unlike the cultivars that are bred for the recreational adult consumers of cannabis. Thankfully, CBD derived from hemp is no less potent than the CBD derived from the recreational cultivars.

For this reason, hemp-derived, pure CBD is steadily becoming more popular. With its popularity comes its increased availability on the market. Hemp-derived, pure CBD is a niche suited best towards the consumers interested in the health benefits of cannabis, but not interested in the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis nor in the accumulation of THC in their bodies’ should they consume their CBD each day.
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