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Vaping CBD

The compound found in Hemp that can help in a number of conditions that cause symptoms of pain, stress, muscle tension and more is called CBD. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a non-intoxicating and legal supplement that has taken off among health experts for its powerful therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

The most famous health effect from CBD is its ability to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures in epilepsy, but CBD has many other therapeutic properties. For those who suffer chronic pain or anxiety, cannabidiol could be a safe, all-natural alternative to dangerous opioids and antidepressants.

Numerous studies also show that CBD has an analgesic effect. It does so by reducing pain perception and signaling by specialized cells called pain-receptors.

The compound also boasts impressive anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to be effective at relieving pain caused by inflammatory conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Crohn’s disease.

Beyond all-natural stress and pain relief properties, vaping CBD can offer an effective method of reducing muscle tensions and cramps, improving mood, and increasing concentration and focus during the day.

Vaporizing CBD has quickly become one of the most popular methods of taking this new supplement.

Pens for vaping

Vape pens are handheld devices that allow you to vaporize concentrated Hemp oil extracts specifically formulated for inhalation. They utilize a specialized piece of equipment, called an atomizer, which instantly sublimates concentrates.

A cartridge filled with CBD vape oil is attached to the vape pen. Vapor is produced from the oils at the touch of a button and inhaled from one end of the pen.

Inhaling CBD is one of the fastest-acting methods of taking CBD, as it bypasses the digestive system where much of the compound’s benefits can be lost. Because of this, vaporized concentrates have more bioavailable CBD compared to ingesting tinctures or edibles.

CBD’s effects from inhaling vaporized concentrate onset almost immediately. This is helpful to remedy acute symptoms of pain and anxiety. Other forms of using CBD could take from 15 – 60 minutes to begin to take effect.

Vape vs. Dab vs. Wax Pens

The most popular types of vape pens for CBD use cartridges that typically come in 0.5g-1g. sizes in a range of potencies. The cartridges can be refilled or recycled.

Other types of pens that allow you to vape CBD oil include dab pens, also called wax pens. Instead of accepting pre-filled cartridges, these types of pens allow you to load small amounts of concentrate into a chamber for heating. Vape oil cartridges are easier to manage than wax pens but can also be more costly for regular users. Wax pens require you to carry additional accessories for your concentrates and tools that you help you store and load them into the pen for use.

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Risks of CBD Vape Pens

CBD itself has been extensively studied and found to have an incredibly high safety profile and, unlike THC, has no psychoactive properties and is legal in all 50 states.

You can’t overdose, or take too much CBD, but there are some things you should consider before vaping CBD oil.

CBD isn’t habit-forming and doesn’t cause anxiety or paranoia, but it can lower your blood pressure. If you have hypertension, this could be a good thing, but if you have a risk of low blood pressure, you should be aware that CBD could cause hypotension.

Furthermore, CBD can alter the way the body processes certain types of medication, similar to how grapefruit can change how some medicines are metabolized.

Risks of Vaping CBD

The CBD extract is a thick, viscous substance and to make it suitable for vaporizing, manufacturers add different thinning agents such as vegetable glucose or fractionated MCT oil to the extract.

We still have much to learn about the safety of vaporizing these types of food grade thinning agents, but there is one, in particular, you should be aware of and it’s called Glycol Propylene or GP.

When overheated, GP undergoes a chemical conversion into a carcinogenic compound that can get stuck in your lungs.

Always make sure your CBD vape oils are pure, uncontaminated, and do not contain glycol propylene. Otherwise, you could be doing more harm to your body than good.

The best CBD vape oils come from manufacturers who don’t use glycol propylene as a thinning agent and who will provide third-party lab tests certifying that.

These are the chemical analyses that can prove the concentration and purity of any extract or CBD product. If a retailer can’t provide you with a lab test for their product, you may want to consider switching brands.

For those who have a difficult time ingesting CBD oils or capsules, then a CBD vape pen could be the best solution for all-natural relief.

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